Ojja 2 – Gaiayoga [ebook ENG]

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The name “Ojja”, channelled by Gaal, is pronounced Oddjeeya, with the accent on the ee. It means “Peace on Earth”.

The second volume of the “Ojja” series retraces the beginning of Gaiayoga, created by Reine-Claire and Gaal under the supervision of the Guides of Light, and describes the development of planetary work with conscious sounds.  It contains many messages from the Guides, about – among another things – the stakes of this work and the means at our disposal for accomplishing it:

Ojja 2 is a bible of the fraternity existing between incarnated humans and us, the Guides. (…) Gaiayoga is bound to develop without your support. Well-known foundations are needed for those who will take the initiative of continuing your work. You will not be the only ones operating in this dimension. You must not be the only ones. The foundations being known, it will be easier for people to follow the energetic lineage required for the work to be done the right way. (The Source)